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Reasons to Get Appraisals

We do appraisals for all kinds of reasons, but there are differences between the kinds. Oftentimes when you are going to a chain store to sell a piece, they will charge you to tell you what it’s worth. Another common occurrence is that you will get a replacement value. This is valuable when you are getting something appraised for insurance. This will allow you to ‘replace’ if something happens to your jewelry. 

We do appraisals for insurance all the time and give a replacement value, but appraisals to sell are a completely different thing. If you are not selling the jewelry to us, but maybe want to know what you could get for it, we will do a fair market appraisal, with a realistic number of what you could sell your items for. You are not going to get retail/replacement value when you go to sell your jewelry to a buyer.  

If you are selling your jewelry to us, we won’t charge you to look at it. We will give you a fair offer if it fits with our collection after carefully testing the diamonds, gemstones, metals, and identifying the maker, and time period. If the offer isn’t right for you, or you simply decided not to sell, no harm done! We are happy to take a look at anything that walks through our door.

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