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The Lippa’s Guarantee

One of the most common concerns when buying something online, or even in person is how you know it’s ‘real’. You could be wondering if the stone is lab-made, the Rolex you’re buying is an imitation, or the metal is actually the carat it says or even the metal it says. Another common concern is ‘stone switching’. It’s not unheard of that jewelers will take in your piece and replace your stone with something else. We also provide a 100% guarantee whether you are leaving a piece for appraisal, making a custom piece with your gemstone, or sending a stone to be graded, that it will be returned to you exactly the way it was. 

We are the only jewelry store in the area with two GIA Graduate Gemologists.

You have absolutely no reason to worry when you buy something from us. Everything that we sell comes with a 100% guarantee. We have a Diatrue CS2, diamond tester. To summarize, this tester can detect if a diamond or other gemstone is CVD, HPHT lab-grown is a diamond simulant like CZ’s and Moissanite, or is a synthetic diamond coated in Moissanite and CZ. 

Many of our diamonds are GIA certified. This means that when you buy a piece with a diamond in it, you get a full report from the best grading lab in the world. To summarize that report, you get an exact carat weight of the stone, a grade on the cut, clarity, and color as well.

What about Name Brands?

We have many name-brand items such as Tiffany, Gucci, Rolex, Van Cleef & Arpels, and many, many others. We have done our due diligence verifying those pieces. We can say with absolute certainty that every single piece of inventory that we own is advertised accurately, honestly, and correctly. We are extremely picky when buying name-brand items.

Both gemologists carefully examine pieces, and we get second outside opinions if there are any further questions. Watches are sent to our watchmaker to verify movement, serial number, and model. Needless to say, name-brand pieces in our collection have been vetted by the most qualified eyes possible.

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