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Our Jewelry Services

We are full-service jewelers, from sizing and repairs to designing and recreating, we can do just about anything you need.

Estate Jewelry Purchases

Make an appointment with Mike and sell or trade in the jewelry that you don’t need anymore.


Make an appointment with Heather, and begin the process of setting up your appraisal. No Matter the purpose of your appraisal, she has you covered.

Custom Designs

Schedule an appointment with Heather to begin your custom design process. Sometimes the best jewelry is the jewelry that you thought of yourself. We can make your vision a reality with the finest custom work.

Restoration & Repair

There is nothing worse than your favorite jewelry or watch sitting in a drawer because it’s damaged. We can restore your old jewelry and repair your broken jewelry.


Similar to custom designs, we can transform the jewelry you no longer wear into something completely different. You can take the stone out of your ring and make a beautiful pendant or turn your stick pins into earrings. Give your jewelry a new life!

We’ve been in business 90 years for a reason.

Let us show you why

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