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2.05 Carat Natural Vivid Yellow Round Brilliant Diamond, GIA Report



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An exceptionally rare vivid yellow round brilliant cut diamond. Most vivid colored diamonds are fancy shapes- meaning any shape other than round. Why you might ask. . .  round diamonds are cut to return the most amount of light to the eye. With colored diamonds the cutter tries to get the light to bounce around inside the stone as much as possible making the color appear more intense. Fancy colored diamonds come in just about every color in the rainbow.  To have a fancy colored diamond in the round shape means that the rough diamond was super saturated or colored to begin with that the cutter didn’t have to cut the stone into a fancy shape and could yield the maximum weight from the rough by cutting it as round diamond. There are 3 basic grades of fancy colored diamonds, without going into too much detail: Fancy, Intense and vivid in order of the least saturated to most saturated. Just think when was the last time you saw a vivid fancy colored round diamond? GIA sums up the fancy colored diamond market very well with this article. Due to the rarity of this diamond we have chosen not to publish the GIA Grading report.

  • Type: Diamond
  • Total Carat Weight: 2.05
  • Measurements: 8.26 – 8.30 x 4.96
  • Cut/Shape: Round Brilliant
  • Color: Fancy Vivid Yellow
  • Treatment: None- Natural
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Report: GIA

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