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6.85 Carat Tanzanite Stone



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This 6.85 carat blue/purple Tanzanite has a very unique cut, the crown or top of the stone is cut in a cushion shape with hard corners, The pavilion or bottom of the stone is cut with the culet or keel line going across the stone. The cutter may have done this for a couple of different reasons: to bring out more of the blue color or to save more weight. Tanzanite is a dichroic stone, meaning depending on how the rough is cut the stone will take on a more blue color or a more purple color.

  • Type: Tanzanite
  • Total Carat Weight: 6.85
  • Measurements: 10.41 x 9.25 x 7.62
  • Cut/Shape: Modified Cushion
  • Color: Blue/Purple
  • Treatment: Standard Heat
  • Clarity: Eye Clean
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