Platinum Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring


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Platinum Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring  |   Some gems are truly phenomenal, literally!  Certain fine gemstones display optical phenomenons that set them apart from the rest and add rarity.  This 1950's vintage ring showcases the most extraordinary star sapphire center stone.  This star sapphire is 12.50 carats and features the optical phenomenon called asterism.  This magnificent property allows the sapphire to interact with light to create an electric star right inside of the gem!  The shimmering platinum setting highlights the sapphire flawlessly and gives this ring added stability to ensure safety with everyday wear.  Also featured in this work of art is an array of diamonds.  From single cuts to tapered baguettes, the fancy shaped diamonds add a bit of dazzle to the piece.  Every element from the vintage appeal to the rare materials used makes this an ideal ring for any jewelry lover! 

Item Details

    • Materials: Platinum, Star Sapphire, Diamond
    • Size: 5
    • Number of Stones: 7
    • Condition: Excellent
    • Circa: Estate

Accent Stones

    • Type: Star Sapphire
    • Total Carat Weight: 12.50 Carat Total Weight
    • Number of Stones: 1
    • Cut/Shape: Oval Double Cabochon
    • Color: Grayish-Blue

Accent Stones

    • Type: Diamonds
    • Number of Stones: 4 Single Cut, 2 Tapered Baguettes
    • Cut/Shape: Single Cut, Tapered Baguettes
    • Color: Near Colorless

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