Benefits of Buying Estate Jewelry

Benefits of Buying Estate Jewelry

Published by Jackson Root on 29th Oct 2022

It’s environmentally friendly: There are plenty of diamonds and gemstones already out there for everyone. Upwords are 90% of our inventory is estate, meaning that it was previously owned. We are doing our part to minimize the market for harmful mining practices. Buying estate jewelry bypasses the need for that harmful mining. Jewelry is a product that's never going to expire. Jewelry can be traced back to cave drawings. So, why buy something new when you can have a piece that is the same if not better quality and craftsmanship. 

The craftsmanship and detail: Estate jewelry is often handmade, with great attention to detail. The level of intricate design is something not replicated by mass produced, corporate, machine made, jewelry. Jewelers of the past were truly artists and you will often see more detail in the side of an antique than the front of a modern machine made piece. 

You’re helping out a small business: Estate jewelers are almost always small family businesses (like ours) that provide you with a one on one interaction. They will help you pick out something special for you. Similarly, selling to local family owned businesses keeps the money in the community. Big brand manufactures are the ones making all the money when you buy something brand new. Corporations are also the ones who are doing all the mining talked about in the environmentally friendly paragraph, so why make them richer?

It’s unique: Similar to the small business point, corporations mass produce their pieces to maximize profits. Estate pieces are one of a kind, so you can make a purchase knowing you’re one of a very few (if not the only) people in the world who are wearing that piece. We have a large selection of pieces from almost every era (Victorian to Modern), so whatever you’re looking for that best exemplifies your personality and style, we can help.

It will save you money, and hold its value: There are numerous benefits to buying estate jewelry rather than something brand new. The first and probably most enticing; you’re going to save money. Estate jewelry is often a better value than the comperperable brand new alternative. Estate pieces are constantly becoming more rare.


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